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About me

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my website and for being interested in getting to know a little bit more about me.


First thing you should know, is that I change my look quite often...so really, any picture I put up here will likely be out of date. But! That shares quite a bit about me in itself, as I tend to get bored pretty easily and quickly in life. I am undoubtedly changing things up regularly with appearances, working multiple jobs, as well as working on various creative projects simultaneously. I thrive and love to be busy, productive, and efficient.

I am living and working in the Bay Area, CA and first got into the arts with musical theater and acting in middle school. From there, I went on to teach myself the piano, learned to sing through musical theater, got into songwriting, which led to musical writing, and eventually film writing, ending college with becoming a handwriting artist and digital artist through a side gig. 


Which, yes, is quite a lot of different things to sum up pretty quickly. But! In general just know that I love to create, and anything that can be created from nothing will likely catch my attention and draw me in. 

I am always up for helping create and manage creative projects, so if you have something in the works and need help on the pre-production, administrative, production, and/or launching--let me know! 

Some fun quick facts: I wear Crocs regularly, swim recreationally and for exercise, get around mostly via walking, razor scooter, bike, and roller blades, drink coffee all day ever day, and consume a box of Goldfish once a week. Oh, and I love anything that is basically pure sugar.