Color Fun Creatures Coloring Book

Exciting news! My first coloring book is out for purchase via Amazon. Go ahead and get yours ordered today right here: 

A lot of the excitement in this project comes out of trying out a new creative venture, as well as utilizing the tools I already possessed in creating a tangible work of art. 

Once I came to the realization that my style jives well with kids, I thought what better thing to create than a coloring book full of fun doodles.

One of the most fun parts in this book, is the opportunity for the owner of the book to not only color--but to create. 

Whenever I find myself on a coloring page, I am more likely wishing I had a blank page to create my own doodles. So, I have combined them all together in this book that will keep the colorer entertained for hours!

Not completely convinced though about purchasing this? Well, no worries. I have a free download of this Llamas Page all set for you.


Go ahead and click the link, and you will be directed to a PDF that you can print out at home. 

Also. I priced the book on Amazon at just about the lowest they would let me--and that is for you!


Taking into account the cost of printing and the amount they take, I am making less than $2 per book sold. So sleep well knowing it is priced low so that you can purchase it easily and conveniently! 

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