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COF·FEED UP CUP | The Beginnings

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The Beginnings

How did this all begin?

It's hard to say when exactly the idea for COF·FEED UP CUP came to me, since there are a few different instances in my life that come to mind.
However, I'll do my best to take you through three different experiences that have gotten us to where we are today.


In high school I did a lot of my homework, studying, and line memorizing (I did musical theater) at the local Starbucks where my mom worked. I was there most mornings drinking coffee, enjoying the atmosphere, and getting lots of good work done.
It was in this time that I really grew to love both coffee, and the whole establishment of what made up a coffee shop.
Seeing the regular workers there each morning who knew your name and preferred drink, interacting with the regular customers who came in at the same time you did, getting to know which of your neighbors were also early birds and coffee drinkers, etc.
There was so much there that felt welcoming to myself, to others, and also allowed for a fun atmosphere where I could be productive and get lots accomplished.
I could be both alone but also completely surrounded by people and a community.
It was in this time in high school, particularly during my third year, that I decided one day I would like to have a coffee shop and cafe of my own.


In college I found myself studying Hospitality Management and in a class where we had to do a final semester project on a hospitality based business. Some students did hotels, event agencies, or restaurants...while I did a coffee shop and cafe.
I went through what it would be like to create a shop like this, how I'd run it, and what we'd provide.
We ended up having to give a presentation on this in front of the whole class, and I remember that mine was one of the few businesses that actually sounded like it would come to be.
Whether that was because I was actually really interested in this and went all out, or if the other ideas just sounded too hard to grasp I cannot remember.
However it was for this project that I came up with the name COF·FEED UP.
Because I wanted both a coffee shop and cafe, I thought it was a great name combo that got the full effect. When you came into my establishment you would fill up on both coffee and food.
I even went through and created some logos that I liked and thought I might one day use.
The best thing I did during this time, was not just the project--since I don't have access to any of that material anymore--but the fact that I came up with this name and those logo designs.
I not only created a great start for a business, but I kept them in my under-the-bed box for all these years to make sure I'd have them for when I was ready to jump into having my own shop.
In fact, having these papers saved was the very first green light I received when deciding if I should initially move forward with this idea and in getting a business started. This is then what brings us more up to speed with where life is currently.



I was interviewing Valerie, the owner and founder of CRDLE, and we had a great conversation on Fisher Philbrick: The Show which is a business podcast I host over at my business Fisher Philbrick LLC. In it, she shared how her company was working with a guy in Texas to start his own private label coffee and tea brand.
He was going into it with starting an online brand, so that he would then be able to save up enough money from those earnings to then one day open up his own coffee/tea shop.
This was groundbreaking for me to hear, since I had never imagined the possibility and idea of this before.
I always just assumed I would have my coffee shop down the road and after one of my first businesses was making enough money to live off of, and then support me in my future ventures.
This was taking a completely different look at it though.
It would allow me to start an online coffee brand now and get all the beginnings of a brand and reputation created, all while pushing me closer and closer to my ultimate goal of one day having my own coffee shop.
Even if I was still 3-4 years out from having a coffee shop, this new connection with Valerie and her business could make an online coffee brand a reality in just a few short months.
I mean it 100% could be much quicker than that, but for where I am at now and where I need to be before starting a new business, this relates to being a few months out.

Insane how this could happen, right?

How I could go from an experience of more than a decade ago in high school, to a college project, to then working almost 3 years at a coffee shop myself--oh yeah, I haven't mentioned that yet. I currently work at a large coffee company and this November will be my 3rd Anniversary there. To now being in the midst of researching, building, and creating my second business.
This though will be my first product based business, which the more I study and read up on it all the more excited I am getting!
Anyways, it went from being a very far off idea and a "one day" dream, to now being in my face and in my current weekly work schedule.

How did you get to COF·FEED UP CUP as the name?

Oh, you noticed that did you?
I did originally just have the name as being "COF·FEED UP" when I was in college. However, when I was recently looking up the name on social media sites and online, there were already accounts with that username taken.
Was it for a potential competing coffee company?
It was just a mother and her random account on Instagram.
Nothing I was too worried about though, for I am always up for a creative challenge when it comes to things like this, which is why I ended up adding "cup" at the end of the title.
True, it does sound a bit cheesy--but at the same time I think the name and sound of it will grow on you as you begin saying it again and again. I know it sure has grown on me! (And I mean, it rhymes so how could that not get stuck in your head?!)
The other cool thing with the name, is that there is such a vast amount of marketing and content we can make from it, as well as we can even incorporate potential food items and recipes that can be utilized and made within your coffee cup.
Did you know that was a thing? Because it definitely is.
One of my favorite parts of this first edition digitalized logo shown here, is that I took direct inspiration from the original doodles I made back in college, and was able to use the words of the business name to create what looks like a coffee cup.
If you didn't see that initially, then I sure hope you can see it now as it is completely intentional and I think it really brings the full name together.
It also could allow us to peel off the "COF·FEED" and "CUP" part to the logo and stick with the coffee cup "UP" to use a fun simple logo.
Again, the possibilities are endless.

Where do you go from here?

We've got lots of work ahead of us, but also have already gotten the wheels turning with what we need to have in place for a January 2023 launch.
That's why we are creating this blog! To make sure we can document and include you with our full journey.
Right now you learned a big part of how this company came to be, and we look forward to diving into this all more in upcoming posts as we explore what our brand will become.
We hope you're as excited as we are to be here and on this journey. You are an important part of this, so we appreciate you being here with us!

How to stay connected?

Head on over to our landing page for COF·FEED UP CUP to get signed up for our email list if you haven't already. You'll get a responding email letting you know you've joined the list!
It's from this list that we will send out new blog posts, updates on the company, and when we are ready to officially launch.
We're ready to share the whole process with you, so we hope you're down for an exciting next coming months! We also hope to establish an Instagram and Twitter account for our brand soon, too.

And if you're looking for more coffee fun filled posts, be sure to follow and engage with our Always Brewing Coffee Facebook Community! It's a great way to build community and interact with other coffee brewing fellows out there in the world.

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