Eye See You

Character Coloring & Activity Book

A compact Character Coloring Book filled with 30 different and unique characters. Within the coloring book there will be a dedicated page to each character, a character story page to follow each character, as well as pages at the end for the colorer to create characters and character stories of their own. 

FREE Coloring Pages

Downloadable and Printable

Coloring Pages created just for you! They are in PDF Format, and are ready to download and print out right at home. They can be printed out on your desktop, phone, or tablet device--so they are super accessible and easy to get your hands on. 

No Logic Clothing Line

Clothing Store

No Logic is a clothing line that was created coming out of the year 2020, embodying designs with a sarcastic and dark humored tone. Be sure to to read the description on each clothing item to get the full intent and extent of the fun. 

"Spoon fed emotions, thoughts, ideas, and passions. Nothing else."

Color Fun Creatures

Coloring Book

Color Fun Creatures is a kid friendly coloring book perfect for all the kids and young ones in your life! Included after each creature coloring set is a "Your Turn" page, where you are encouraged to doodle and draw within the theme. Guaranteed hours of fun, and endless possibilities of coloring!

Burnt Matches

Short Film

A short film playing on the idea of romantic matches and actual matches--burning. Seven seconds may be all it takes to make a lasting first impression, but first impressions are not always as they seem.

Runtime: 12 min

Created 2017

Meets the Tide

Single by M. Marlin White

Featured song in the Short Film Burnt Matches. Created & Performed by: M. Marlin White

Arranged & Orchestrated by: Theron Kay

Sean Gibbs' STAGE KISS

Original Musical

A comedic and contemporary musical, Sean Gibbs' STAGE KISS is an 8 person show that revolves around a topic that many "theater kids" find themselves facing--having their first kiss on stage!